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Submitted by: mostlycatblog

Submitted by: mostlycatblog

d-jinni asked: no joke i have never been happier to come across a blog before thank you so much

You are but the sweetest. Thank you too! :) :)

d-jinni asked: i cried when i saw your blog - no joke - it made me so happy when opened up your archive and saw all those cats together on one page, it honestly made a crap/dull/uneventful day at work so much fkn better i am not kidding - and your background aw its the cutest ah this blog is just the best thank you so much enlightening my life with even more cats, its just what i need xxxxxxxxxx

Oh my god I’m so flattered thank youuuuu!!! I feel the same way too. Whenever you see all this cutie cute cat photos you can’t help but be in awe and feel giddy just checking them out. It’s kinda boring you know when all you do is work and work. So, I blogged about them. And this blog is celebrating its birthday today yayyyy!!! 

I’m just so sorry if this has been unanswered for how long(?) Thank you for writing to me. I don’t get that much messages and I feel so appreciated whenever someone drops by and give me a nice one. Thank you really dear Lili. And it’s so amazing we share the same interests (cats, coffee and books). Hehe.

Have a good day or night dear! Much love meow :)